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Camp Half Blood

Welcome to Camp Half Blood, home to children of the Greek Gods! Roleplay here, or even discuss the books! Also you may join Camp Jupiter/New Rome.
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 Rules! Please read!

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Rules! Please read! Empty
PostSubject: Rules! Please read!   Rules! Please read! Icon_minitimeWed Sep 05, 2012 5:55 pm

  • First and foremost, we have respect for every other member. You may not like everyone you come across, but I do not tolerate cyberbullying in any form. You will have one chance to prove that you're above that, then you're out. Banned. Forever. Sure, there may be a petty fight or two (but I suggest against these too Smile), and of course there'll be a lot of drama in our lives and we may want to talk with our friends on here about it, but let's not let the fighting start on this website, okay?

  • If you ever feel threatened, contact an admin or moderator IMMEDIATELY. Your well being is our top priority! If you think a staffer is abusing their position, PM me as soon as possible.
  • Attempt to use proper spelling and grammar. I understand you may have difficulties with English for whatever reason, and that's totally understandable. Just, no text talk please. I know you may not be super-advanced, but just try your best. Smile
  • Roleplay fairly; Your character is not invincible, or perfect, so don't powerplay or godmod. Powerplaying is using a character someone else owns, for example, "Andrea got up and punched Violet. Violet ran away crying." Godmodding is making your character have nearly divine characteristics, whether it be in battle or walking down the street. An example: "Andrea caught the arrows flying at her and beat the entire army without getting a single scratch." or, "Andrea flipped her hair and all the guys were like 'woah' and she was the prettiest girl ever in everyone's eyes."
  • No Sally or Gary Sues, the characters that have perfect looks, perfect brains, perfect fighting skills. Similar to godmodding, though the latter is seen more in actual roleplay, where the Sues can often be seen in character development. As fun as it is for you, nobody else likes it.
  • Don't pry for a staff position, we'll choose. Staff must have respect, and if abusing their position, contact me please. That being said, staff are chosen for being friendly, helpful people who know the site well.
  • None of the no-no, if you catch my drift. This place is not 18+, and this being said, also please mind your tongue.

  • I think that sums it up. Thank you for joining our community!
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Rules! Please read!
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